This semester there are three pastorates meetings - one on Tuesday evenings, one on Wednesday evenings, and one on Friday evening.  To learn more and sign up, email


What is a Pastorate?

It's beautiful, the way it happens. A home. A meal. Us speaking. Him speaking. Song and Spirit. Prayers ascend like incense. It's where He walks. It's where we grow. Not alone, but together. That's it. That's a Pastorate.

A Pastorate is a mid-week gathering in homes and around tables. Pastorates take place over various terms in the fall, winter, and spring. Along with Sunday worship, Pastorates are an essential part of life together at King of Kings.

A Pastorate provides an environment where we can:

  • Grow in Christ
  • Connect newcomers to the church
  • Experience the fullness of New Testament Christian community, ministering to one another
  • Develop new leaders of worship, prayer, and groups
  • Serve together

What should I expect at a typical Pastorate gathering?

Pastorate meetings last about two hours, beginning each time with fellowship over food, followed by worship, biblical teaching or personal testimony, and prayer.  A pastorate can be a place to receive prayer and ask for God to work in your life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What will I learn at Pastorate gatherings?

The goal is to help us grow together as we learn to build community and encourage transformation into Christ-likeness. We will learn how to increasingly be like Jesus for the sake of others. The teaching and discussions will be led by Pastorate leaders.